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Appeal to Novelty

Definition: The fallacy in which something is true because it is a new concept or looks modern. This fallacy causes people to accept the “truth” of a new idea or concept without any specific evidence, but just by its newness people assume that it’s true. This fallacy convinces many people that the introduction of a new concept is true without even necessarily testing its truth.

This is also not a rational way of thinking because what makes something true is the facts behind the concept or idea not its moderness.

Real World Example:

The shoe company, Nike, just released new running shoes that look so modern and even a bit futuristic, so they will probably make me, run faster too!

Example from Film:

In the second movie, The Hunger Games, the citizens of different districts are chosen to take part in a survival game. The new concept that is introduced in the second movie is that the past winners of the games will now compete against each other. This new concept excites the different districts, especially the upper class, and to them this new concept for the game creates more acceptance towards it.