Brusque is when someone is abrupt in manner or is blunt. Furthermore, it when something unexpected happens to a person. When a character does something that is blunt it is classified as “brusque”, it reveals a new layer in his/her personality and gives us an inkling into his/her mysterious life. In addition, an unexpected action also gives more, depth to a story because it increases the excitement in the story. For example, the unexpected engagement, pregnancy,


or act of betrayal by a character is what will ultimately make readers want to read more as they are surprised by the character’s spontaneous manner. A brusque action can reveal a hidden dark side, suppressed compassion for someone or identity.  

  • Example: In the story by Etgar Keret called “The Tourist From Hell”, it demonstrates  characters being brusque through the use of magical realism. While the characters themselves do not think that it odd or abrupt that every one hundred years people from hell tour their village, it is unusual to the the readers, thus illustrating the blending together of fiction and reality. For example, Anna is not phased at all when “every few hours someone would come in smelling of sulfur and ask[ing] for a pack of cigarettes, or chocolate, or whatever”(Keret 20). Anna would even try to “make friends” and “chat them up” with the tourists (Keret 21).