Is when someone is straightforward with another. It is also when a character is frank with someone or something, meaning


that they are bluntly honest. Similar to the word brusque, when characters are candid, it also reveals that they are not a quiet character and that their actions will most likely be very upfront. Some characters who are candid are oftentimes viewed as crass because of the lack of “sugar coating” their thoughts and opinions about certain subjects with other characters.

Example: In the book My Sister’s Keeper the main character, Anna, is an example of someone who is a candid character. This is because she is not afraid to sue her parents for continuously using her body to donate her blood, marrow, and eventually her kidney to her dying sister, Kate. For instance, Anna states,”I was born as a harvest crop for Kate” and later she states,”I want to sue [my parents] for the rights of my own body”(Picoult 19).  Anna is not afraid to get on the stand and testify against her parents despite the fact that she is betraying her sister and her family as she ultimately wins the court case for the rights to her own only minutes before her fatal car crash (Picoult 409,414).