Euphemism- The substitution of an unagreeable, offensive or unpleasant word or phrase with one that is more socially acceptable and pleasant. Euphemisms are popularly used in referring to taboo subjects (i.e. disabilities, death, etc) in a more deferential way. Euphemisms replace offensive words/phrases for inoffensive ones. Edit

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Specialized Programs for Physically and Mentally Challenged Children

Aisha Henry

Advocates for Children

Having a cousin who is physically handicapped, I have always been concerned with specialized programs. After recently speaking with her mother, my Aunt Liz, I realized how difficult it was in the past to get help for children who were diagnosed physically and mentally challenged. My aunt explained that after being dissatisfied with the lack of programs available, she was forced to teach and care for Shari herself. After speaking with my aunt, I was very interested in finding out more about the special programs currently being devoted to underdeveloped children.

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Drugstore aisle sign with euphemisms

Listed are common euphemisms for condoms/contraceptives, douches, pads and tampons.