Hopeful is when people desire for a certain outcome or have an expectation they want to be fulfilled. The aspect of being hopeful comes from possibilities that make one have a slight glimmer of relief and purpose. Some characteristics that help identify hopeful are determination in a person, or a sense of imagination a person might have because they are envisioning something that can’t happen, though they hope it will. Sometimes, one gets one’s hopes up and feels let down when what they expected doesn’t happen.  

EX: A person may feel hopeful when they get a callback for an audition, have a job opportunity or get good news about a relative that was hurt.

Quotes: The monster in Frankenstein is hopeful and pleads to his master to make a new partner for him so he won’t be lonely. He has hope that he can finally have someone to love.

“You must create a female for me. I am malicious because I am[is] picture I present to you is peaceful and human...I swear to you my evil passions will have fled,” (Shelley,105-106).