Malicious is an adjective; to be malicious is to intend to harm another out of spite or vengeance. It is not being inconsiderate; malice shows that there is a will to hurt the other person or thing, but to be inconsiderate means to cause inconvenience without thought or concern . As a tone, the speaker is harsh and displays hatred toward other characters.

Literary malicious example:

Okonkwo shoots at one of his wives in Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe; Chapter 4, page 39

“And so when [Okonkwo] called Ikemefuna to fetch his gun, the wife who had just been beaten murmured something about guns that never shot. Unfortunately for her, Okonkwo heard it and ran madly into his room for the loaded gun, ran out again and aimed at her as she clambered over the dwarf wall of the barn. He pressed the trigger and there was a loud report  accompanied by the wail of his wives and children.”

Malicious Image: