Pensive describes someone being extremely thoughtful in the contemplative sense. It is not passive; the subject is introspective and reflects upon him/herself for an extended amount of time. In tone, the setting is usually still and noiseless, which allows the subject to muse.

Pensive poem: “Country Thoughts” by Shirley J. McCall


I never cease to wonder

At the many shades of green

Fields of grass and wooded copse

Make such a pleasant scene

The wild life hides convincingly

With subtle camouflage

Squirrels darting here and there

These sights are free of charge

A quiet moment to reflect

Watch nature in the wild

The peace of rural countryside

Is there for man and child.

The changing seasons all bring forth

A multitude of things

To please the eye and soothe the brow

Of citizens and kings

Let’s treasure all our heritage

Preserve some land to roam

Leave room for us to wander

Round this isle we call our home.

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