Is when a character is able to create laughter. This illustrates that the character has a very fun presence. The character that has this tone can often prate. This reveals how the character is a people pleaser and will often try to make people happy through humorous statements around them even when he/she is going through a hard time and it shows how he/she will try his/her very best to get a laugh out of his/her companions.

Example: An example of a character being risible would be in the New Testament Modernization project written by Alex, Zoe, and Elizabeth, and I because the disciples said and did things that a Christian would not normally do. The irony in the story created funny scenes and moments that the characters brought to the table. For example, the beginning of the modernization project states, “Jesus and his friends went into Church basement. He was especially sad that day, not because he dropped his new iPhone 7 into the toilet, but because he knew Judas was coming for him and he was not coming for hugs”(Garcia 1). This has a Risible tone because of the unusual characteristics that Jesus and his apostles were given.