Ebullient → When using an ebullient tone, the author writes with enthusiasm and energy. It creates a sense of excitement for the audience, and it is somewhat reminiscent of an adrenaline rush. A frivolous tone is definitely a zealous choice since it is meant to evoke an jubilated or eager response from the reader. A high spirited mood within pieces can be used to inspire hope or any other elated sentiment for that matter.  

Ex: Odysseus employs an ebullient tone upon his homecoming. He is thrilled to see his wife again and to spend time with his son, as demonstrated by the lines, “ ‘You make my stiff heart know that I am yours.’ Now long from his breast into his eyes the ache of longing mounted, and he wept at last, his dear wife, clear and faithful, in his arms longed for” (Homer, Book 23 in The Odyssey)


This guy is very pumped up.

Frivolous → A frivolous tone insinuates that a topic is inconsequential or trivial. It does not deal with mature themes, which typically means the work lacks weight or depth. Sometimes, a frivolous tone can be used in the case of a criticism, seeing as the author may create such an unconcerned air in order to make fun of the public’s lack of seriousness in dealing with heavy and complex matters such as tolerance, politics, or even religion. However, most often, a frivolous tone is used in shallow or lighthearted texts, typically in a joking matter.

Ex: Apparently, this is an example of frivolous article because it takes an almost joking

approach on a serious, controversial issue.

  • This article was criticized by this responsorial article for its frivolous tone on such a delicate subject:

Ex:This image makes fun of the petty nature of certain lawsuits, which highlights the trivial implication of the world frivolous.

Inflammatory → Such a tone always intends to evoke a blazing, impassioned response from its audience. An inflammatory tone sparks powerful, fiery emotions such as burning rage or an overwhelming support. Therefore, the inflammatory tone purposely tries to get a rise out of people in order to grasp their attention. It forces them to consider the matter at hand and spreads awareness of whatever topic is being discussed.

Ex: This is an example of an inflammatory article. Articles with strong or uncompromisable opinions most usually earn fierce support or fierce aversion.


Trump’s controversial comments trigger masses of people as demonstrated by the social media backlash; however, judging from the applause and cheers he apparently has ardent supporters.